Project development & planning

As a specialist in planning and project development, we don't just rely on market data and analyses of potential. It is also important that we offer our partners individual support in their expansion strategy. Alongside industry knowledge, this calls for a broadly based network that stretches in all directions.

Realisation & investment

As a building contractor and when acting on behalf of third parties we display just as much staying power as we do as an investor in our own right. After all, the path to the finished property is broad. The interests of site owners, local developers and parties interested in renting must be brought to a common denominator in each phase. We have hugely experienced specialists for this purpose.

Property & facility management

As the party with overall responsibility for realisation, we are the experienced partner that combines all building services and trades in a single source. Our quality management is exact. We are prepared for the unpredictable at all times. This gives us the security of knowing that we will meet all deadlines and bring the project to a flawless conclusion.