Genuine cooperation.

The W.I.V. corporate group combines the interests of trade and franchise brands, local developers, site owners, investors and financing partners in a value creation chain where everyone wins. In so doing, we act according to the principle of transparency. After all, this is the only way that all parties involved can be convinced that what benefits one also advances the other partners.


“We enjoy a trust-based cooperation with W.I.V. and its CEO, Michael Fritsch, that is characterised by responsibility and complete transparency.
W.I.V.´s principle competence lies in the realisation of commercial real estate.“

Gerhard Ludwig, Spokesman of the Executive Board of Volksbank Nordoberpfalz eG

“I achieved a high level of value added with this project. And, as it appears, so did all the other involved parties.”

Dr. Reinhold Frasl, Consio Holding GmbH